TPE Capclusters-96

The Novitain TPE Capcluster is compatible with 96-well format tubes. The TPE Capcluster range is available in Natural, Purple and Grey, providing for visual color identification. Several TPE cap formats are available: the Capcluster-96 and the Capband-8 or -12.

The Capcluster-96 is a sheet of 96 push caps that can be used to seal an entire rack of 96 tubes at once. After the capcluster is used to seal a rack of push cap tubes, the foil backing can be removed to leave each tube individually capped. The Novitain TPE Capcluster for tubes in 96-well format is compatible with the Novitain 1.40ml round bottom tube.



Multi-pierceable without losing seal integrity


Economical solution for sample storage at temperatures down to -80°C


Compatible with Novitain 96-well format tubes


Resists chemical solvents


Free of any detectable RNase or DNase contamination and the endotoxin level of produced and packaged labware is limited to an acceptable minimum (< 0.01 EU/ml)

Class 7 Clean Room

Novitain labware is manufactured and assembled in-house in a NEN-EN-ISO14644-1 Class 7 certified clean room environment


ParameterTPE Capcluster-96
MaterialThermo Plastic Elastomer
Cap height4.8mm
Chemical resistance+++
Available colorsNatural, purple and grey
Temperature range-80°C to +100°C (without foil)

Order Info

Article numberDescriptionUnit sizeCase size
N20300Pierceable TPE Capcluster Purple for capping 96 individual tubes10 clusters24
N20301Pierceable TPE Capcluster Naturel for capping 96 individual tubes10 clusters24
N20302Pierceable TPE Capcluster Grey for capping 96 individual tubes10 clusters24


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