NEW IN: The Novitain 2D Data-matrix coded Screwtop Tubes Solution

Novitain launches a complete labware solution in SBS-format, including the Novitain 0.75ml Screwtop Tubes with 2D Data-Matrix code on the bottom, to process your samples safely and in a traceably way. The Novitain Screwtop Tubes have an internal or external thread and they can be capped with either the: Seal Mats Flex, Seal Mats & Strips Solid or Solid Screw Caps. The Novitain 0.75ml Screwtop Tubes are available in the rigid Grid Rack 96-D. The Screw Cap Solid for internally threaded tubes can be ordered in a Screw Cap Holder High Base.

The 2D Data-Matrix coded Screwtop Tubes are used to guarantee the traceability of precious samples during processing. The 2D code is laser-etched into the tube bottom, which is chemically, scratch and mechanically resistant.

The Novitain 0.75ml Screwtop Tube with external thread minimizes the chance of cross-contamination, since the samples do not come in contact with the screw thread. The triple start thread ensures excellent sealing quality. The Novitain 0.75ml Screwtop Tube with internal thread features a single turn thread for easy opening and closing of the tube. The internal thread provides the most optimal sealing for storage at ultra-low temperatures.

The Novitain Grid Rack 96-D can hold 96 individual 0.75ml Screwtop Tubes and is developed according to the SBS standard for storage racks. The rack is made from Polypropylene and manufactured to the industry leading strict tolerances. The rack is standardly supplied with a laser etched 1D barcode on the side of the rack.

The Novitain Screw Cap Solid for externally threaded tubes is used for safe sealing during the transportation of your samples. An optimal cap placement is ensured by the innovative lead-in on top of the Screw Cap Solid. The Novitian Screw Cap Solid for internally threaded tubes comes with a silicon O-ring around the base to allow for the tightest seal possible. The Screw Cap seals the tube with a “hard” stop, achieved by the O-ring that falls within the Screwtop Tube. Both Novitain Screw Caps Solid have excellent gripping for manually and automated handling. The Screw Caps Solid are available in the colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, and Light Green.

The Screw Cap Solid for internally threaded tubes can be transported and temporarily stored in the Screw Cap Holder High Base. The Screw Cap holder is easily stackable and helps to have a clear system where you can store your Screw Caps.

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