Manual Decapping tool 1 and 8 channel

The range includes the Manual Decapper-1, which is made of high quality plastic, and designed to remove a single Push Cap. The Manual Decapper-8, which is also made of high quality plastic, and removes Push Caps in a row of eight. In addition, the Manual Decapper-8 Aluminum that removes individual Push Caps in a row of eight from frozen tubes. All manual decappers provide a quick and easy removal of the Seal Mats Flex.

All manual decappers are compatible with the Novitain Novitain Seal Mats Flex. The Novitain Manual Decappers can also be used to decap Push Caps of other brands. The Novitain Manual Decappers are cost effective solution for quick decapping.

Capping and Decapping systems

The Manual Capper MC1 can apply uniform pressure to Seal Mats Flex in an entire 96 tubes rack in only a single action. This device is able to seal full racks or partially full racks with the complete range of Seal Mats Flex or Transparent Seal Mats and Strips Solid. The Capper is also compatible with other brands of storage tubes and racks. To ensure optimum results an adapter matched to your specific rack type and tube height is supplied.


Frozen samples

The Aluminum Decapper-8 is highly recommended for decapping frozen samples

Light weight

Light weight


Remove 1 or 8 Push Caps at once


Easy to use and fast operation


Compatible with Seal Mats Flex or Transparent Seal Mats and Strips Solid (and Push Caps of other brands as well)

Tube sizes

Decap 96-well format internally threaded tubes.


ParameterManual Push Cap Decapper
NameManual Decapper-1
ParameterManual Push Cap Decapper
NameManual Decapper-8

Order Info

Article numberDescriptionCase size
N40100Manual Decapper-110 pieces
N40101Manual Decapper-810 pieces
N40102Manual Decapper-8 Aluminum1 unit


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